Curriculum: Years 7 to 10

Our curriculum, aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, takes students on a journey from transition into Year 7 to their futures beyond secondary education.

Year 7 and 8

Complemented by our Student Wellbeing program that acts as a catalyst for academic achievement and ultimately life satisfaction and success, students are introduced to a breadth of disciplines in Year 7 and encouraged to take responsibility for their learning at each stage.

In Years 7 and 8, all students undertake a variety of core subjects and are offered a broad range of sequential learning experiences. Year 7 students choose two of the following languages to study – French, Italian and Japanese. In Year 8, students choose one of these languages to continue studying.

Religious Education Religious Education
English English
Humanities – History (One Semester) and Geography (One Semester) Humanities – History (One Semester) and Geography (One Semester)
Health Education Languages (Italian, Japanese or French)
Digital Technologies Health Education
Mathematics Mathematics
Physical Education Physical Education
Science Science
ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Semester Based Digital Technologies
Art ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Semester Based
Performing Arts
(Drama, Music)
Design and Technologies
Food Technology
(Italian, Japanese and French)
NB: Choice of 2 of the 3 Languages.
Performing Arts
(Dance, Drama and Music)
NB: Choice of 2 of the 3 Performing Arts subjects.

Year 9

In Year 9, there is an emphasis on achieving a balance between students learning subject content and developing the necessary attributes to become true lifelong learners.

To develop their personal learning skills students are encouraged to think about how they learn best, to set personal learning goals and to build a range of strategies for completing assignments and for evaluating their own work.

In Year 9, we ensure students both receive a broad education and begin to look towards their senior secondary program of study.

For detailed information regarding Year 9 subject offerings and more, view our Year 9 Curriculum Handbook.


The BRIDGES program, undertaken in Year 9 aims to develop in students an understanding of our ever-changing world. The four term based units are designed to encourage students to consider the challenges in our society and how they might contribute to positive change in their community. Through authentic learning experiences students are supported to engage in deep learning and develop a personal commitment to justice in accordance with the vision and mission of the College. 

Year 10

Year 10 builds upon the independence and strengths developed throughout Year 9. Students continue to engage in a broad education and begin to plan their secondary program of study.

Options include choosing an accelerated VCE subject as an elective or a VCE/VET Certificate subject.

For detailed information regarding Year 10 subject offerings and more, view our Year 10 Curriculum Handbook.

Religious Education Religious Education
English English
Humanities – History (One Semester) and Geography (One Semester) Health and Physical Education
Physical Education Mathematics
(Foundation Mathematics, General Preparation, Methods Preparation or Mathematics: Advanced)
Mathematics Science
(Speeding through Space, Evolving Life and Matter and Medical Science)
Health Education Compass Program*
BRIDGES Program Art
ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Full Year Food Technology^
Compass Program* Languages – Italian, Japanese or French
ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Semester Based Visual Communication Design
Art – Paint, Draw, Print (PDP) Textiles 
Art – Ceramics and Sculpture (CaS) ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Semester Based
Big History Health Priority #1
Caf茅 Culture History – The Modern World and Australia
Creative Textiles  Human Movement
Dance – Principles of Choreography Geography Spatial Technologies 
Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver – Entrepreneurial Education Introduction to English Language
Drama – From Page to Stage Introduction to Global Politics 
Duke of Edinburgh International Award Introduction to Literature 
Emerging Technologies  Making and Breaking the Law
Environmental Science and Sustainability  Media Arts
Fit for Life Mind Your Business
Food Technology  Programming, Gaming and Web Design
Language – Italian. Japanese or French  VCE Art: Creative Practice Units 1 & 2
Managing My Money VCE Biology Units 1 & 2
Music: Recitals, Riffs and Recording VCE Applied Computing Units 1 & 2
Passion for Fashion VCE Dance Units 1 & 2
The Shape of Things to Come VCE Drama Units 1 & 2
The Writer’s Workshop  VCE Health and Human Development Units 1 & 2
Visual Communication and Design  VCE History Units 1 & 2
Young People and the Law VCE Legal Studies Units 1 & 2
  VCE Physical Education Units 1 & 2
Disclaimers VCE Psychology Units 1 & 2
By invitation only VCE VET Certificate II in Business
High achieving students may apply to undertake one of the listed VCE / VCE-VET subjects in Year 10 VCE VET Certificate II in Hospitality
^ Full Year or per Semester  VCE VET Certificate III in Sport and Recreation