Social Justice

Social Justice is a key element of Catholic social teaching.  It has been a significant motif in the Charism of the Brigidine Sisters and subsequently with Kildare Ministries. Social Justice is not just about the spreading of wealth, but also about opportunities, and privileges within a society. Poverty is the lack of wealth, opportunity and privileges.

Kilbreda works to help all students to learn more about the underlying causes of such poverty. With knowledge and togetherness, we will all be more empowered to stand up to reduce poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. We work towards a more just and fairer world not merely from a sense of charity or goodwill, but because we believe it is a necessary response to the Gospel call of Jesus, and a matter of justice.

At Kilbreda, Social Justice appears throughout the Religious Education curriculum. Social Justice is also about actions, events and programs that promote awareness and involvement in creating a better world for all. In 2019, the College launched the Living Justice Charter, which is a guide to the way of life for all at the College.

Living Justice Group

The Living Justice leaders at each year level, together with other interested students meet on a regular basis to discuss ways of living out our Living Justice Charter and to plan the actions to do so.

Each year there are several causes and fundraising campaigns that Kilbreda students focus on. These include Caritas鈥 Project Compassion, Refugee Week, BASP (Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project) winter food drive, Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week and the St Vincent de Paul Christmas hamper appeal.

Our Living Justice Charter also guides our actions when it comes to immersion programs. The FIRE Carriers, in partnership with St Bede’s College, Mentone, are immersed in a two-day Indigenous Immersion run by local Indigenous archaeologist and artist, Adam Magennis.

‘Building Bridges’ unites students from various religious denomination schools in the southern metropolitan area through a series of workshops with a focus on understanding and empathy for others.