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Careers Expo

On Monday, we hosted our annual Careers Expo for students in Years 9 to 12. This event provided the perfect opportunity for students seeking career inspiration, motivation or guidance on setting future career goals. Students met representatives from various tertiary institutions, gaining valuable advice on course offerings, post-school life, diverse pathway options and key features of their institutions. This included the University of Melbourne, the Australian Defence Force, Monash University and the St Kilda Football Club. A highlight of the evening was welcoming back 18 past pupils who shared their career journeys. It was inspiring for our students to hear about the varied pathways these past pupils have taken including their educational journey, first jobs, career changes and future aspirations. The panel featured Megan Davies (2014), an Environmental Scientist at the Royal Botanic Gardens; Emily Lucas (2015), an award-winning Project Officer at Marand Precision Engineering; Niamh Coupe Sando (2014), an Audio Engineer working at Australia鈥檚 top festivals and Dr Raychel Barallon (2010), a doctor specialising in Rheumatology and General (Internal) Medicine. Students also gained insights into careers in teaching, law, nursing, health and sports industries, business and marketing. We extend thanks to our past pupils who continue to share their knowledge each year and to all the families who attended the event.