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Aerobics: Aerochallenge

Aerobic gymnastics is a performance sport that originated from traditional group exercise classes. Athletes showcase artistic choreography combined with acrobatic skills. Last Sunday, Kilbreda performed at the 鈥楢erobics: Aerochallenge鈥 in Noble Park, a competition that the squad had been training hard for. We congratulate all students for participating in their team events: Sophie M, Zana B, Natasha B, Josie S, Scarlett A, Amy B, Milla Y, Olivia R, Chloe T, Harriet D, Megan S, Sage C and Maddy B. Chloe, Megan and Sage took on an extra challenge by also competing in the solo section, performing the same routine. Everyone did an amazing job for their first time in this competition, as reflected in the outstanding results! The Division C, Year 7 team placed second and the Division B, Year 10 team won! Chloe placed third in her solo and Sage placed fourth. It was a spectacular effort all around, and we thank Mikayla Cotsis and the staff for preparing the group for this high-energy event!